Russian Trip with Trackers, 2004

Email from Prague

Hi, Haven't had a chance to get on the internet
lately. Tell you why when we see you. We are in
Prague. Will be in Frankfort on Friday and fly out on
Sunday morning. Will call to let you know our
schedule soon. Having a good time. Lots to tell.
Saw the concentration camp yesterday. A real downer.
Keep Jan informed. We don't know how they are
charging us for this. Also send to Grant, Faye, Nancy
and Betty. Love, A tired Mom and Dad.

(Extracted from email to jerry)

jerry on 09.21.04 @ 09:13 PM PST [link] [Karma: 4 (+/-)]
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Leaving Moscow

Hi, Just a quick note. We leave Moscow at 7am. It is
Sat. nite. We've had a good time in Moscow. We went to
Red Square, Lennin's tomb, GUM's, Circus,and the
Metro. Been cold. Mom wouold like some of your heat.
Having a good time but very busy. Lots to tell. Keep
Grant in the loop if possible. I'll try to write to
the blog but don't know where or when. Hope all is OK
there. Love, Mom and Dad

(extracted from e-mail to Jerry)

jerry on 09.11.04 @ 09:25 AM PST [link] [Karma: 2 (+/-)]
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On the Golden Ring

Hi, I thought we had added some stuff to this blog in St. Petersburg but when I check my blog nothiong seems to be there so maybe this is the first entry. In any case here goes. We have been having a great trip. Seen so much it is hard to know where to start. I am paying 70 rubles per hour(about $2.10per hr). I wrote to some days ago. maybe you haave read that. Rance wants you to contact Grant and let him know of this blog. And others also. We are at a nice Hotel parking lot tonight. We often stop at hotels . It is a good place to stop for parking, showers and meals. We hope to get a shower tonight right after I finish this. We have seen lots of churches and monistaeries. Today we stoped for a orphange for girls and left a gift of money from the entire group. The money came from fines each tracks pays for goof ups. We have been trying to call each time we stop but no one has been able to make their cards work. Some were able to call when we were in the Balcan states. The time difference is a problerm many times. Let Jan know how to read this blog. I am sure she would like to hear of our travels. Wvery one is doing fine and having a good time. So much to see it is hard to take in. They keep us very busy. If not driving then bus trips to see the sights. The people are very frendly. Lots of goood music groups and the school children are so inquisitive. I will try to add this entry now and again when we have a chance to get to an internet site. We love you all and hope everything is fine there. I will go to my yahoo acount now and send an e-mail to you also if possible.

iddunmire on 09.06.04 @ 05:45 AM PST [link] [Karma: 3 (+/-)]
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