ECPE 5 - 5v Regulated Power Supply

Rev. C
J. Dunmire
January 26, 2003


This power supply is part of a series of labs associated with ECPE-5 course at the University of the Pacific. The course is designed and taught by Dr. Richard Turpin.

This power supply was designed with the following goals in mind:


The ECPE 5 Power supply is a simple 5 volt linear power supply based on the LM7805 regulator. A bridge rectifier is included to allow AC or DC input. Connectors and wire pads are included for both input and output.

The circuit and PCB board were designed using the ExpressPCB software.

The parts list and cost estimates are in the Excel file: Costed_BOM.xls.

Actual size: 1.0 inch x 1.5 inch

Input voltage range: 8 - 35 VDC or 8 - 24 VAC RMS

Output voltage: 5v DC, 1 amp Max. (The LM7805 will require a heat sink for high current, or large input voltages.)

J1 - Input power, 2.5mm power jack
J2 - Input power, wires or 2.5mm pin header
J3 - Output Power, 3pin side entry connector for PCB to PCB connection
       Pin 1 - GND
       Pin 2 - +5v
       Pin 3 - GND
J4 - Output Power, up to 18 gauge wire

Associated documentation:

The .sch and .pcb files require ExpressPCB and the .pdf files require an Acrobat viewer.
Note: All data sheets were obtained from online documentation at

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