Jerry E. Dunmire

A specialist in developing embedded control systems and managing small interdisplanary groups, Mr. Dunmire has over 15 years of experience delivering successful products. These products include semiconductor capital equipment, medical devices, surveying equipment and consumer devices, all dependent on reliable, robust software, with deterministic real-time performance.

In addition to his degree in Electrical Engineering, a passion for learning new technologies provides a strong foundation for Mr. Dunmire's strength in identifying appropriate interdisciplinary solutions. Mr. Dunmire enjoys working at the interface between the diverse disciplines needed to develop competitive products for today's global markets.

Mr. Dunmire views software development as a rigorous engineering discipline. He is a strong proponent of getting the early phases of any engineering project, but particularly software projects, right in order to reduce the risks and costs associated with the late detection of defects. Mr. Dunmire has effectively applied these ideals to husband critical projects through the full range of development phases, including specification, design, development, quality assurance and risk management, to timely and successful conclusions.

Adding to Mr. Dunmire's breadth of abilities is his experience in both startup and established companies such as Pioneer, Trimble, Varian Associates, Genus, Bionovus, IBM, NASA, and Kesa Corporation.

Mr. Dunmire is presently working at Pioneer Advanced Solutions in San Jose, CA, There he fills a wide range of roles including hardware desgin, configuration and release managment, embedded security systems, and network support.

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