RockingD Labs This where you will find all my new projects.
RockingD Labs:myHikes An Openlayers map of tracks I have collected while walking, skiing, and traveling.

Antenna Modeling Notes on modeling antennas with NEC2 using software available on Linux.
Digital Communications Center Notes on my digital communications setup using Ubuntu, Xastir, soundmodem, and fldig.
+5v Power Supply This is a simple linear power supply based on the 7805 fixed voltage regulator. The power supply was designed for the School of Engineering ECPE-5 class at the University of the Pacific.
PIC Project Board The PIC Project Board was designed for the School of Engineering ECPE-5 class at the University of the Pacific. The board contains a PIC 16F877 microprocessor, switches, LED's and a potentiometer to provide enough flexibility for a number of labs.
MEEPS - Modular Embedded Experimenter's PIC System This is an update and expansion of the PIC Project Board. This new board uses the 18F452, cleans up some of the problems with the PIC Project Board, and adds new daughter boards. This project was started June 5, 2003.
MEEPS is designed for the University of the Pacific School of Engineering to specifications worked out with Dr. Richard Turpin, Chairman Electrical and Computer Engineering.
SBScoring This is a program for PalmOS based computers. It simplifies the calculation of springboard diving scores. It could be used for almost any sport where a the awards from a subset of the judging panel are combined with a scale factor (degree of difficulty) to yield the total score.
CubeSat This is a multi-institutional project to develop and fly small satellites. I am a mentor for the program at Adrian Wilcox High School.
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Antenna Modeling

Digital Communications Center

+5v Power Supply

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