A Summer in Europe

Alllllllll done.....

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As the title states... the trip is allllll done...well the european parto f it is...im in philly right now and staying for 11 more days... let me update you on our last 3 days.... so we left paris the next morning and headed on our way to Belgium... we stopped at two places on the wway.... one was compien(spelling?) this was the "Clearing in the woods" where WW1 ended and the germans surrenered but was also the place the germans made the french surrender in WW2. After that we headed to see a rebuilt trench for ww1 which was pretty tight and this is the picture of it...i actually got to buy actually ww1 bullets shrapnel and belt buckles that they found while exacvating the trench...we then made our way to Brugge...home of the best beer fries chocolate and waffles ever....wegot there for dinner and then made our way to our hotel where we crashed...the next day we walked the town and took a boat ride \down the rivers that run through it...some call it the Venice of the North...we bought our chocolate (50 dollars and 5 pounds worth!) and had a late lunch... after that we had to start making out way to amsterdam to turnin our car and check into our hotel...we had the coolest hotel...it was acutally in the airport(well more above it then anything) so we had a great view of the control tower and it was jus really comfortable..they had a cool workout room and pool htat me and my cousin were at till 1230...we didnt get to bed till aorund 2 cuase of all the packing and cramming we had to do...we woke up at 5 to catch our flight at 7....we flew to London where we caught our connecting flight to Philly...WE GOT UPGRADED TO BUISNESS CLASS>....sooooooooo coooll they had fully reclinging chairs... a three course lunch with amenu...continuous beverage service...it was the quickest 7 hour flight ever! lol... we got into philly around 3 and then waited for my mom and dad to arrive who are flying in to hang out here while we wait for my sister to finish her camp...after that my cousin left for her flihgt back to colorado at 600 andwe went back to my aunt anc uncles house wheere we will be living for the next 11 days...anways i guess thats my european vacation!! not bad not bad at all....i wanna thank eveyrone whos been reading it and to my dad for setting up this blog thingy in the first place...also special thanx to my aunt and uncle for TAKING ME TO EUROPE!! Anyways im getting hungry im out!

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last day in paris :(

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Today was our last day in paris...so sad ... but since we watched the race all yesterday we had a lot to do today...so the picture is of the louvre which we went to first... i did a powerwalk through it saw the big names (ie. mona lisa winged victory) and then wanted to see the danish painters but the stupid wing was closed...omg i had to walk like .5 mile to get to the wing since them dam musuem is sooo big! anyways...after that me and my uncle went to napoleans tomb which was something i realllly wanted to do...we left the girl in the room cause they were tired...it was wierd that the guy had such a big tomb for such a little body lol...ill put a pic up later...then we went to notre dam and then we had dinner a creperie (crepes) whichw as really good.... I TRIED TO PAY but couldnt cause the machine wouldnt except my card...tommroow we have a long day of driving...exciting...imtired did a lot of walking today so im out ttyl

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FINALLLY! today i saw lance armstrong crush the record by winning his sixth tour de france...this is my picture that i took on the sidewalk.... it was a ton of fun today and reallllly exciting...this isnt the pic iwanted to put up i have a better one that ill try to get to work...its been frusterating...anwyays so we got upand had breafast and pretty much waited and waited till finally the publictiy caravan (a parade for the sponsors) got there...that was cool and an hour later finallly the pelaton arrived...they zoomed by and idid my best to spot the favorites and gets pics of lance...i thought idid alright...WELL i ve been on here way to long trying to ge this to work and my aunt wants on so im out ttyl

bryan on 07.25.04 @ 02:43 PM PST [link] [Karma: 5 (+/-)]
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for dad

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For sis...

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Degas...silly ballet... for my sis from the musee d orsee

bryan on 07.24.04 @ 02:37 PM PST [link] [Karma: 1 (+/-)]
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The Tower

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So heres the tower... classic...just for you cassie! lol

bryan on 07.24.04 @ 10:59 AM PST [link] [Karma: -1 (+/-)]
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Finally! Paris! We got up around 9...got some rolls and stuff and headed out to the cathedral of Charte before paris... This is my aunts favorite cathedral and also my granddads so w ehad to stop... ive already been there but it was still cool... i lit a candle for my granddad... this cathedral famous for its stainglass windows...i ll put some up later... so we finally got to paris midafternoon and checked into our Fancy fancy hotel....its reallly nice... then we to a walk about... and saw the sights...we took a boat up and down the little river and saw all the sights from afar...it was a good introduction to hte city...we then had dinner at a crepe place which was realllllly good...if u dont know what a crepe is its like a pancake they they fold over and put stuff in and on top...it was great...after we were full and happy we headed out and walked back to our hotel enjoying the cool air... we got back late and tried to make a decision on whether or not to try to make it out to the tIME trial on sat... we couldnt findd enough info so we nixed it... by the time we were done it was almost 1 so we headed to bed...there was a few problems with our room though... we couldnt find the switch for the batheroom...so it was usless and the air conditioning didnt work...we were pissed...we called the consierge and they fixed the light and was very snooty french to us...very steryotypical but couldnt fix the air so we switched rooms the next day....

Today was our first full day in paris...we woke up in our hot room and headed to a little sidewalk cafe for hot choclate and pastries for breakfast...we walked around a buit after that and then got a museum pass...we headed through the louve to get to the musee d' orsee ( the more modern museum) it had allo the impressionist and everything so that was great to walk throguh... i jus spent the time onthe top floor w/ van gogh and monet manet degas renior ect ect ect....that was good... after that we left my cousin to explore ht toehr parts of the musuem and we headed to a cafe to watch Lance and the tour... he won by a minjutes today!!! he wins the tour! i cant wait to see him in YELLOW tommorwo and be the champ for the record 6th time... how cool... anyways were gonna be heading out for dinner soon so im gonna put some more pics on and then head out ttyl!!

bryan on 07.24.04 @ 10:38 AM PST [link] [Karma: -1 (+/-)]
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so this is our second chateaux....it was pretttty coool being almost an islnad and all

bryan on 07.22.04 @ 02:20 PM PST [link] [Karma: 4 (+/-)]
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One day till paris

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So todaywe had a whole day to travel the countryside around Chinon. We saw two chateaux but my highlight was seeing Leanordo's Divinchi's house of the last three years of his life... that was really neat...got to see a lot of his models and drawings... very interesting... but the chateaux were cool too...very old and reallly big... tommorow were heading to paris which will be hellllla fun... icant wait and then hopefully saturday we can see the Time trial and sunday we partly i n paris for the end of the tour... its gonna be a blast...well im gonna leave this one short and go watch the tour ttyl

bryan on 07.22.04 @ 02:08 PM PST [link] [Karma: 2 (+/-)]
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So we finally made it to france after a few very long days of driving... We got up and had breakfast and headed off to try to find the MAgiot Line ....which is the line that France builtto try to keep germany out of france in ww2....OBviously didnt work... and it was evident cause all we found of it was a little glimse of a wall marked "magiot line" off the high way... lol sillly french... we headed off and got to our first french town around 630...we were all worn out so we ate dinner early (700 is an early dinner for the french...and hit the sack... yesterd morning we got up and drove to a Boutineer(or something like that) to get some bread and pastries for breakfast and headed to the catherdral of the city which was really intresting because of all the ww2 dammage in them... like the artillary holes and what not... soon we got on our way to the champagne area...we drove pretty much all day and got there too late for the tour of the champagne tunnels... so thats what we did this morninmg... it was pretty tite.. and there was reallly good champange at the end...its reallly a very intricit proces... yeah the picture is from the grape fields for the champagne....there were MILES of them everywhere.... it was a mazaing... we got on our way for a supposedly 4 hour drive to a town accros paris called Chion... but eneded up taking closerto 6 or 7.... i started and finished Animal farm for my seccond book... gotta love taht book its great...anyways we got here too alte to watch the TOur de france... the Alpduez time trial was today and ijus watched the replay of Lance elimentating the entire competiion...He's gonna win it... its almost for certain... well ita lamost midnight here so im otu ttyl

bryan on 07.21.04 @ 02:42 PM PST [link] [Karma: 6 (+/-)]
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The Castle

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so this is the castle... it was much better inthe person

bryan on 07.19.04 @ 01:53 PM PST [link] [Karma: 6 (+/-)]
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Final day garmish/ black forest...

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so yesterday was our final day in garmsih... we had ntohing planned so as u can see from the pic iwent and played golf... it was a TON of fun... but the Mountains that were jus staring down at u from every inch of the course were very distracting... i was in a group w/ this one X military guy from texas (o boy...) and these really nice old german couple...i killed them but u know thats how it goes! after that we made our way to this Big castle that Mad Kind Ludwig built...it is actually the castle that walt disney disgned his fairy tale castels after... so that was cooll... its been thudering and lightning like mad! it got REALLLy loud yesteredya especially when i was doing my laudry like a 1 in the morning... o tha was much fun... yes well i didint get to sleep till 3 thanks to laudry and the storm and in the mroning we had breakfast and took off toward the black forest.. i slept pretty much the whole way whihc was good... we looked at really expensive coo coo clocks and then had a reallly good dinner at our hotel... soooo good... so now here i am... tommrowo we finallly head into France.. that should be fun! well i m gonnna go take a shower so ttyl...

bryan on 07.19.04 @ 01:43 PM PST [link] [Karma: 1 (+/-)]
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